The Correlation of Preeclampsia between Low Birth Weight (LBW) with Maternity (In RS Aura Syifa Kediri in March 2016)

  • Widya Kusumawati Akademi Kebidanan Dharma Husada
  • Yanuarista Kartikasari Akademi Kebidanan Dharma Husada
Keywords: Preeclampsia, Low Birth Weight


Preeclampsia and eclampsia is still a major cause of maternal mortality and perinatal mortality were high. Preeclampsia is dangerous because it can affect all organs of the body of pregnant women. The disorder is also adversely affect the fetus, because it can cause the fetus of oxygen and nutrients. Lack of nutrients and oxygen obtained cause fetal growth retardation and lead to birth with low birth weight (LBW). The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of preeclampsia with LBW in Aura Shifa Hospital Kediri. This research used a correlational study design with a retrospective approach. The research was conducted on April 11 - 16 May 2016. The population in this study were all birth mothers in RSIA Aura Syifa in March 2016, with a total sampling technique obtained a sample of 291 respondents. The variables in this study were the independent variables was birth mothers with preeclampsia, and the dependent variable was LBW. Data collection using checklist through medical record, data processing include editing, coding, scoring, tabulating, and analyzed using Fisher's Exact Test with α 0,05. Results showed that incidence of preeclampsia in Aura Shifa Hospital Kediri March 2016 were 22 cases (7.6%) and the incidence of LBW in Aura Shifa Hospital Kediri March 2016 there were 38 cases (13.0%). Fisher's Exact Test Results Test results obtained significance of 0.000 which is smaller than (α). From the results of this study concluded that there is a relationship of preeclampsia with LBW in Aura Shifa Hospital Kediri. Strong synergy between health workers and pregnant women is expected to detect early pregnancy complications, especially preeclampsia, so that health workers will be faster in handling it.


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